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Our Services

  • Smart Cities

    The world’s population is increasingly moving to cities, which has kicked off a quest to use smart city technology to help cities build a sustainable infrastructure that provides smart governance, smart energy, smart mobility, smart infrastructure, smart technology, smart healthcare, and smart citizens.

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  • Refrigeration Monitoring & Logging

    Lora provides wireless automated temperature monitoring, taking the worry out of refrigeration failures. Monitor your commercial refrigerators and freezers and get alerts as soon as temperature thresholds are reached. Scheduled temperature logging and reporting for food and drug saftey is effortless.

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  • Smart Farms & Agriculture

    From tracking enviromental conditions that maximize crop production to tracking animal health indicators, Lora provides a cost effective means of maximizing yield. Significantly reduce water usage for your commercial greenhouse or farm operations. Monitor livestock and act faster in the event of an abnormality.

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  • Logistics & Asset Tracking

    Track equipment or other important assets to monitor usage or help prevent theft. Capture usage and location data to help reduce maintenance costs on your equipment.

  • Healthcare

    Lora's low power, low cost, and reliability make it the perfect choice for alzheimers or dementia patient tracking. Wearable devices use geolocation to track numerous patients location. Designated saftey zones can be established and alerts delivered around-the-clock. Increasing patient safety and decreasing supervision costs.

  • Smart Buildings and Campuses

    Lora enabled products that include thermostats, sprinkler controllers, door locks, leakage monitors, and smoke alarms connect to a building’s network and allow consistent, remote monitoring to better conserve energy and predict when maintenance is necessary, saving property managers money.

  • Video Content Analysis

    Video Content Analysis/Analytics is the ability to automatically analyze video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events.

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