Smart Farms & Agriculture

The agricultural landscape is changing...

Large scale macro-farms are replacing family owned micro-farms. The demand for food is escalating. Agribusiness is turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) for analytics and greater production capabilities. Farmers create more efficient operations to gather information in the field, quickly synthesize data and make intelligent decisions to manage their business and reap the benefits of precision farming.

Technology has become extremely valuable for agribusiness as they adapt to the changing demand of consumers, retail and the agriculture industry. Semtech’s LoRa-based IoT allows farmers to digitally monitor, manage and analyze every aspect of their business. From tracking cattle health, to monitoring pregnant cows to increasing crop yields. LoRa gets its name from the ability to provide Long Range communications, using very low power levels.

Livestock tracking

A cow tag, embedded into LoRa technology, can measure a cow’s location, body temperature, head movement and general mobility. You can use this data to look for ‘outliers’. This data becomes an indicator for cows’ health and subsequently enables farmers to quickly take action and prevent diseases among their cattle from spreading.

Maximizing Crop Yields

Controlling water and soil gives the farmer the possibility to increase crop yields to the maximum level within weather and crop constraints. LoRa technology irrigation sensors provide two-way communications for sensor readings and implementing control actions in response to the primary needs of irrigation and fertilization. Sensors can detect parameters such as the water level, pH and salinity of the soil. This ultimately leads to better management of your crops and a higher crop yield.

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